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Building a team through motivation

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 07 July 2011 14h00 | Article Release


When building a team and more importantly maintaining the team, any strong leader will know that building interpersonal relationships and dynamics is based on team motivation. Like trust, motivation is something that can so easily disappear under pressure or due to poor team leadership. The good news is, unlike trust, motivation can easily return.

Building a team is an ongoing task. Often team members leave and new ones enter, changing the dynamics of the team. Ensuring that motivation is a constant driving force behind a team is important. There are various signs to look out for that may indicate low levels of team motivation.

  • Incomplete work
  • Careless effort put into work
  • Lack of concentration (easily distracted)
  • Increased absenteeism or number of sick days
  • Lack of enthusiasm towards others and projects

As mentioned, building a team is an ongoing task. A number of variables have the ability to destroy motivation. It is often the responsibility of the manager to identify signs and assist the team in improving their attitudes and feelings towards the company, clients and general tasks and projects. Read more here.

How to improve team motivation

Set SMART goals. These include: Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic and Time based. Goals are a vital part of any company. Without them, motivation is difficult to maintain. Goals also provide a feeling of progress. When a team can see how they have moved closer towards their goal, they are motivated by their success. There are a number of other areas that leaders and members can do to continue building the relationship and maintain motivation.

  • Acknowledge as progress
  • Assess, plan and act
  • Believe in each person and their knowledge of their specialisation
  • Set challenges
  • Manage poor performance
  • Celebrate achievements and milestones
  • Involve the entire team
  • Communicate

A great way to build a team and to assess where a team is at certain points is to participate in team building. Not only does team building provide a real life example of how individuals work together, it is also designed to encourage strategising and solution driven methods.

Inspiring a team to get motivated can be challenging however team building is one of the easiest ways to identify issues, address them and get excited about working together. The fun yet structured environment provides a platform to learn from one another and take valuable lessons back to the working environment.

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