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Corporate team building; the long life pro’s

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 08 April 2011 11h00 | Article Release


Team building is the motivational skeleton of any corporate team. Over the years companies have realised that responsibility cannot be carried on an individual’s shoulders. By incorporating teams into a company the desired result is achieved and responsibility shared. However team dynamics often influence relationships, affecting the final outcome.

Corporate team building has become a popular solution for many companies looking at improving their teams, no matter the size of the business. Its benefits are far too many for companies to turn down. Consider companies making excellent profits. The common denominator? Hardworking, strong teams in the background. The pro’s of team building are often noticed on a long term basis and thus the popularity of this technique.


When should a company consider team building?

The answer to this question is; always. When businesses make the effort of ensuring that their staff are working in strong teams with positive attitudes and dynamics, productivity is always higher. However not all companies are focused on providing motivation for their staff and often conflict and other problems arise.

  • Lack of communication/ poor communication
  • Cultural barriers
  • Hierarchy causes conflict
  • Language barriers
  • No clear goals set for teams/ staff

These are just a few of the very common problems that occur in companies today. Corporate team building, when designed to suit a company and its specific needs, brings with it many benefits that address particular issues within a team.

The benefits of corporate team building

  • Addresses decision making
  • Helps get people focused
  • Identifies personal/ team weaknesses and strengths
  • Helps people learn from mistakes
  • Improves morality
  • Identifies leadership skills
  • Assists in defining goals and objectives
  • Empowers team members
  • Improves communication skills
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves self confidence

Corporate team building needs to match the needs of the team or company. If the team building activities are designed to achieve certain results, companies will certainly gain from the benefits of them.

Corporate team building above all offers companies the chance to assist their teams in resolving conflict and breaking down barriers. It is important that individuals take the lessons learnt in all activities and apply them in the workplace. Teams will be amazed at how effective team building challenges are and how they can assist with team dynamics.

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