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How to achieve a successful team

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 14 January 2013 09h00 | Article Release

As fun as team building is, there is a science in each activity’s design that provides individual team members, teams and businesses the tools that are needed to improve on the overall success as a unit.

Pre- Team Building

In order to learn and move forward, it is important to go into team building with the knowledge that you need to make it a success. Team building is like laying down the foundation before construction begins. The sturdier the foundation, the more stable the end result. Pre- planning and discussions are essential and form an integral part of making a success of the process.

  • Decide what issues within the team need to be resolved
  • Assess current situation
  • Decide where you would like to be
  • Examine expectations
  • Set individual, team and company goals
  • Create a plan for moving forward

Team building is certainly a great way to kick start the road to success and team efficiency. Some great pointers to keep top- of- mind for the actual team building event:

  • Make sure all staff levels are present, including management
  • Depending on current team/ company conditions, team building might need to be recurring
  • No interruptions during team building (phones, meetings, discussions etc)
  • Leave ego at the door
  • Use an experienced and fun team building organiser
  • Choose activities that will assist with your current issues and end goals

Post Team Building

Whether you spend time at one team building session or several, it is important to debrief and unpack the events of the day. Not only will this give team members a chance to express their feelings and opinions, it will allow the team or business to interpret what was learnt and what needs to be done to reach the goals originally set out.

The most important thing to remember when planning team building is to pay attention to the planning stages. Unless there is a common understanding around where the team or business wants to be, team building will not be an achievable step in reaching that point.

For advice on planning team building or to set up a day of team building activities, contact Keltram.

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