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How to go about improving team communication

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 19 November 2012 09h30 | Article Release

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If 2012 has been a difficult year with regards to team dynamics and communication, then make 2013 the year that you turn it all around. Improving team communication is certainly one of the most important aspects that any business could perfect in the pursuit to create seamless team work.

In any organisation, communication is the key to success. If employees and teams as a whole, struggle to communicate clearly, the effects can be crippling on productivity. Various issues exist in the realm of communication:

  • Language barrier
  • Non- verbal communication (body language and eye contact)
  • Lack of understanding
  • Culture diversity
  • Gender differences
  • Lack of patience

In order to ensure that a team is “on the same page”, communication needs to be top- notch. There are various issues that are harder to improve on than others however working towards a solution is the first step in the right direction. More so, employees and teams feel motivated and encouraged when lines of communication are open and clear.

How do we get there?

The very first thing to remember when attempting to start improve team communication is that it is vital to lead by example. As a business owner or manager, you want your employees to communicate positively and effectively to and with one another. By ensuring that your verbal delivery and non- verbal communication portrays just this, you are sending a positive message to those around you.

Everyone is different

In your efforts to improve team communication it is important to remember that everyone communicates differently. With language barriers being a common issue in South Africa, this can be one of the most difficult areas to iron out. However it is important to identify individual’s strengths. Where one person might be a strong verbal communicator, someone else might be better at writing down what they wish to say. It is important to try and develop a system that works best to each person’s needs and for the team as an entity.

Encourage listening skills

A huge part of getting team communication right is learning how to listen to others. Encouraging individuals to provide their undivided attention whilst others are speaking, allows for maximum concentration. Teams should practice this as a team building exercise and when one person has stopped speaking, others should be given a chance to paraphrase what was said.

There are numerous ways to start improving team communication, including team building activities. Make it a priority in 2013 and optimise your business to perform as best possible.

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