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How to integrate new employees into a team

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 21 May 2013 09h00 | Article Release


Taking steps to ensure a new team member settles in at the office can be rather time consuming. It is however, well worth the effort.With the elevated cost of recruiting new employee, the importance of integrating them into a business is crucial. Should they not be integrated wholly, they might leave, incurring you with the expense of hiring again.

A good integration plan provides access to information, networks and tools that the new employee will require to contribute to his or her job quickly and efficiently. Plan the employee’s role prior to them starting at your business. This allows them to feel easily acquainted with their new job, whilst your business is seen as a supportive role to him or her long into their new career.

Communication is the key to assisting a new employee become comfortable in their new role. Effectively developing a new team member within your business requires a number of skills and steps.

Here are a few steps to helping a new employee settle in:

  • Expectations:

Be clear about what your team and business expect from the new employee. Ask the new team member how they feel about the role, as well as what his or her hopes are for the role.

  • Feelings:

Encourage the new employee to express their feelings about the business environment and other team members. This will give you a good indication about their initial feelings towards your organization.

  • Office Life:

It is imperative that you explain the office life to the new team member. This assists with putting the new hire at ease prior to them commencing with work. Aspects such as a tour of the office, meeting other team membersworking hours and dress code can be discussed here. 

  • Company’s Vision:

Describing the company’s visions is a key part in the process of integrating a new employee to the business. Talk about the company structureindustrycompetitors, your unique selling points and target markets. This supports the team member in understanding where the company is headed and how to strategize towards achieving these goals.

  • Job Description:

Be sure to describe the job to the new team member clearly, as he or she needs to understand exactly what is required of them. It is also important to note what the new employee has knowledge of and what they need to learn or have training on.

A new team member means new team dynamics. The new employee can either improve your team dynamics or severely impact them. It is imperative for all team members to communicate with the new employee in order to achieve synergy throughout the business. Positive team dynamics can be achieved by having regular meetings with all staff, setting goals and encouraging team building.

People and teams form the foundation of your business. When your company is expanding and recruitingnew employees, communication is key to your success.

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