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Improve office communication, improve productivity

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 09 March 2011 08h30 | Article Release


It is as important to keep office communication clear and concise as it is to make sales every month. Without good working relationships and communication between employees, it can be very difficult for teams and a company as a whole to be productive. Boosting the efficiency of an organization starts with the basics; office communication.

Poor communication occurs predominantly when information is not clear between the sender and the receiver. From the moment the message is transmitted there are a number of factors that may affect the understanding of the message.

  • Encoding (the sender may not be clear)
  • Decoding (the receiver may understand the message incorrectly)
  • External noises (these are physical noises as well as other aspects such as being tired, sick etc)

 There are a number of more serious reasons as to why messages and information may not be clearly communicated or understood between staff. A majority of them exist in most workplaces around South Africa.

  • Cultural difference
  • Language barrier and lack of understanding- pronunciation etc
  • Gender difference
  • Age
  • Hierarchy
  • Disagreements

Communication is never one sided and in order for the message to be understood and carried through into an action, both parties need to raise questions if there is a lack of understanding.

In today’s busy working world we often find ourselves communicating via email and in other online manners. This has the potential to seriously damage a message if it is not careful thought through. This is because communication often involves non- verbal communication such as body language as much as it does verbal. Often a message is made clearer through non- verbal communication.

If communication barriers affect office communication, there are a number of ways in which to ensure that the process is improved on.

  • Avoid vague statements
  • Prepare communication before hand
  • Raise questions when in doubt

Often companies struggle with intra office communication on a daily basis. There are however various ways that management can ensure that this crippling issue is worked through. A very popular suggestion that works for many teams and businesses is team building.


Through various tasks and activities, team building is a great way to improve communication skills. Activity outcomes can be adjusted to best suit the needs that a company has.

With communication being part of the core of any business, no company can afford not to improve and drastically transform communication skills within teams and the company as a whole.

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