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Improving communication between management and staff

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 09 March 2011 11h45 | Article Release


In order for any relationship to work, communication between parties needs to be clear and open. It is ultimately the key to any successful relationship. In the workplace, this can be difficult to maintain.

A lack of communication can easily lead to conflict. The relationship between management and employees is one of the most important in the working environment. If communication between management and staff is poor, the company as a whole will take strain. There are however ways to resolve this problem by making a few changes within an organizational environment.

Encourage the sharing of ideas

When management urges employees to share ideas with not only fellow employees but management too, there is an opportunity to embrace discussion, exchange ideas and engage in general productive communication.

Open door policy

When management sit behind their closed office doors, employees often do not feel comfortable conversing openly with them. This results in issues being ignored or not spoken about if problems arise.

The open door policy allows for staff to feel more comfortable in communicating with management. It gives employees the chance to share thoughts, ideas and concerns. This ultimately empowers staff as they feel comfortable in communicating openly with management and voicing concerns.

Nurture a team

It is important that management see themselves as a part of the team. If managers play an active role on a daily basis, communication in the workplace will certainly be improved. Maintaining an interest in activities and projects will ensure that everyone has the same end goal in mind, as a close knit working relationship encourages communication.

Regular reviews

Employees need to know that they are performing adequately and need feedback from management so that they are encouraged to improve on certain areas. It is important for managers to have reviews as often as necessary to keep relationships and communication clear.


Unapproachable managers are intimidating to many employees. Listening to staff and vise versa can contribute a great deal to the success of healthy communication as well as the running of a business.

There are various ways in which to improve relationships and communication between management and employees. If adjusting the way in which a company operates (relationship wise) does not work effectively, there are other ways to improve the situation.

Team building allows a company to interact and solve problems on more of a social level. Activities and tasks can be adjusted to suit the company and the specific outcomes that are required. Team building is a great way to improve various different aspects such as working relationships and communication as well as breaking down barriers in the workplace.


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