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Setting out team building objectives

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 17 June 2011 09h30 | Article Release

For any company that is made up of teams, team building should be a recognised part of the business’s work ethic. Through the exploration of the issues and barriers that a group faces, team building encourages various benefits within the team. However, in order for a team to take the meaningful skills from team building and apply them to the working environment, objectives need to be set out beforehand.

Working together to achieve goals is the ultimate definition of “team work.” So easily teams can be thrown off and distracted by various influences, issues and barriers in the team. Setting out team objectives before the team building, helps in ensuring that all team members understand common goals, and what is expected of them.

The fundamental team building objective is that the team is all “on the same page” regarding moving towards achievement and better overall work ethic.

  • Where is the team currently with regards to productivity etc?
  • What are the team’s expectations?
  • How does the team get to where they want to be?

Once a common understanding is reached, further team building objectives can be set out. These should always refer to the team as a unit and the specific work that they do according to deadlines etc. The objectives should certainly be focused around points of weakness in the team.

  • Identify management objectives
  • Vision of the organisation
  • Identify the level of team work satisfaction in the past
  • What areas does the team need to focus on?
  • What are the long term effects team building should have?
  • Emphasize leadership skills
  • Expose team’s power
  • Explore and discover solutions to assist in reaching goals faster and more efficiently
  • Find ways come increases team motivation

Above and beyond general team building objectives, it is important that each individual sets objectives for themselves. This will assist the team in understanding the requirements of each person and create a deeper insight into the behaviors and actions of individuals that either add or detract from the teamwork.

  • The necessity of interpersonal communication

  • The need for team unity
  • What is it that the individual can do to improve team dynamics
  • Importance of commitment
  • Importance of team goals

Once individuals and the team as a whole have a clear understanding of the objectives set out for them, then the team building activities can be applied to try and achieve these objectives. If this proves to be successful the team will experience stronger, more committed, personal and certainly more productive team work.

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