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Team building activities that won’t break the bank

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 11 March 2011 07h45 | Article Release


Whether you are the manager of a business or an employee, if communication is poor within the workplace or there are barriers of any kind, often problems will arise. Resolving the problem should be at the top of the list because without effective teams and an issue- free environment, the business as a whole will bare the brunt.

Team building activities are certainly one of the most effective ways to assist people within a company. They not only create a general good spirit amongst employees but they have the potential to resolve conflict and improve communication skills.

Many companies incorporate team building activities into their monthly schedules. This encourages positivity and team spirit within the company and assists in maintaining relationships in various different ways.

  • Encourages listening
  • Encourages sharing of ideas
  • Requires group work
  • Working towards a common goal
  • Allows for social interaction
  • Brings about trust
  • Highlights leadership
  • Develops partnerships
  • Highlights weaknesses and strengths

With productivity being a priority, many companies depend on their teams to work effectively together at all times. Team building activities encourage this and can vary or be manipulated in order to address the specific needs that a company has.

Affordable team building activities for your office

  • Social responsibility
  • Team Go- Karting
  • Team paint ball
  • Friday team dress ups
  • Board games
  • Team quizzes

There are many great team building activities that companies can get their staff involved in. When planning these activities, there are certain variables that influence the way in which the activity will work.  These factors should be carefully thought out to best suit the required outcome.

  • Team (age, mix, department, conflict, gender etc)
  • Size of the teams
  • Instructions and briefing
  • The game and duration
  • Prizes
  • Venue
  • Materials provided for activity
  • Roles of team members

Team building activities are as effective as the planning of them. In order to reap the benefits, the exercises and activities need to have specific requirements to target problems that need resolving.

Whether companies choose to get their staff involved in team building activities in the office or outside of the office, goals and requirements need to be set beforehand. The aim of each activity is to reach these outcomes that have been set up.

In order to maintain positive working relationships and spirit in the workplace, team building activities should be an important and integral part of a company’s strategy.

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