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Team building implementation into the workplace

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 08 March 2011 09h30 | Article Release


Many companies strive to create the perfect team spirit in the workplace. Team building activities are a great way to bring a group together to work as a team and to enjoy fun and games on a more social level.

The basic idea behind team building is to create team spirit within a group and reinforce it in a subtle way so that individuals are able to work as a team.  

If team building is implemented correctly it can help to strengthen interpersonal relationships. When various skills are implemented from various staff members, team building activities are a great way to highlight the different strengths and weaknesses that each individual possesses.

It can be difficult however to apply the same strategies into the workplace. Teams may work well outside of the office environment in team building activities but to enforce the lessons learnt in the workplace may be a little more challenging. There are various steps that companies should take to ensure that team spirit is maintained


It is vital that all team members are aware of why they are partaking in the team building. It is the job of managers, team leaders or business owners to explain to staff the expectations and needs of the team.  If the staff have the right attitude before- hand, it is then easier for them to reach the goals set out.


This process should be planned in advance and thought through carefully between managers and the organizers of the team building event. There are various different points within the sequencing phase:

  • Forming (of teams)
  • Storming (argument and conflict)
  • Norming (overcoming issues, setting up group processes)
  • Performing (each team is accomplishing work effectively)
  • Adjourning (end task on a successful note)

The steps in the sequencing phase should also be used after the team building is complete. Teams are able to implement these steps into daily tasks and projects.

Processing and de- briefing

Team building is used as a vehicle to help a team learn and grow together. Once this process is complete, it is a good idea for teams to sit down together and discuss strengths and weaknesses. It is also recommended that areas of success and failure are discussed and strategies highlighted. These points need to of course be remembered and used practically in the office environment.

  • There are other various ways that teams are able to continue practicing the skills that they learnt in their team building activities.
  • Build brand from within the office environment
  • Develop a sports team
  • Support a non- profit organisation

It is important that staff take away as much from the team building events as possible. Implementing these skills in the work place will ensure that teams are able to work together and overcome some of the issues that may be holding them back.

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