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Team building prep: making the most out of activities

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 29 June 2011 09h30 | Article Release


Team building is ultimately about business objectives. It is quite common for a team to participate in a debriefing once an event is complete however discussing possible issues prior to the team building activities helps a team prepare and understand where they currently are. Many companies plan team building events in the hope that the fun and games will change team dynamics, however this is certainly not the case.

Preparing for the team building before team members participate in the activities, allows companies to discuss various aspects that can be addressed beforehand. These issues may be personal and concern only one person in the team or they could affect the team as a whole.

When planning team building, companies need to arrange activities according to the basis of the organisations goals and needs. Discussing progress, current team work dynamics, team goals, relationships, communication etc prior to the team building event, will give a more accurate idea of the areas that need to be addressed. Once these needs are revealed, team building activities can be designed to encourage desired outcomes.

When preparing for team building, there are various aspects that should be discussed and closely addressed. Companies can consider this preparation as the first step to successful team building. In this time the setting of objectives and identifying of problems needs to be done well.

  • What is the company’s purpose for team building?
  • What is the purpose for individuals and the team?
  • Take time to understand each person’s personal goals and find ways to integrate those into project/ company goals
  • What are the obvious issues within the team/ company?
  • Where should the team be in a month’s time?
  • What is preventing the team from being there now?
  • What are the team strengths?
  • What do we need to do to improve teamwork?

Once teams are clear as to what can be improved on and there is a clear vision and appropriate goals set out, teams need to apply this information to activities presented to the, The overall objective for any team is to ensure that no matter the goal, each person takes something away from the activities that assists them in contributing positively to the overall good of the team.

The expertise and quality that a team building company is able to offer you as a business will certainly assist in providing teams with activities designed to address relevant needs.

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