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Team building; releasing your company of its cultural barrier

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 08 March 2011 16h30 | Article Release


Of all countries around the world, South Africa certainly encourages different cultures, religions and races to work together and interact on levels they would not necessarily. Unfortunately this still causes conflict in all aspects of life.

Office politics can cause many workplace problems. Cultural barriers are certainly one of the many problems that stem from these differences. Investing in cross- cultural diversity is not only a valuable move for companies to make it has also become a part of South African law.

It is the responsibility of management and business owners to ensure that their staff and teams work together to achieve goals set out. Positive team work and staff relationships depend on various factors.

  • Open communication; verbal and non- verbal
  • Assist others
  • Brainstorm with others
  • Listen
  • Don’t interrupt others
  • Make an effort to include everyone in a team

Working through cultural barriers using team building

One of the most effective ways to reach the point where staff are able to enforce these points into their working relationships is team building. Through various physical, mental and strategic activities employees are able to work together in teams to complete tasks and reach goals.

Team building allows each individual to contribute towards the task, highlighting points of strength in each person.  Due to the social aspect that team building offers, everyone is able to let their hair down, make memories together as a team and have fun.

Issues in the workplace such as cultural barriers can be incorporated into the team building event so that specific goals are met and problems faced.

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Team building offers a number of great benefits to not only teams within a company, but to each person on an individual level.

  • Overcome cultural barriers
  • Improve communication
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Achieve goals
  • Use specific strategies
  • Enjoy, have fun and make memories as a team

Culture is one of the biggest factors when it comes to bad communication in the workplace. There are reasons for this.

  • Lack of language understanding
  • Lack of listening
  • Close minded
  • Mis- understandings
  • Different values and morals; may cause arguments

These aspects in turn result in individuals feeling isolated.

  • Anxiety and worry
  • Reduced job performance
  • Nervous
  • Feeling of helplessness

If cultural barriers exist in the workplace, trying to overcome them is a fundamental step in improving teamwork and general productivity within a company.

  • Be direct (get to the point, don’t imply it)
  • Hierarchy (do not engage in debate, follow orders)
  • Individualism (individual winners vs. team effectiveness)

Cultural barriers are a reality however they need not cripple a team, a relationship or a business.

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