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Team leadership skills; what is required?

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 13 April 2011 18h30 | Article Release


There are of course various purposes to team building. One of these purposes is the opportunity to identify leadership skills within certain people in a team.

The importance of leadership in not only an organisation but within each team of that organisation, cannot be overlooked. No matter how dedicated team members are, the need for team leadership is vital.

Having leadership skills present in a team helps to increase if not maximize the efficiency of each individual and the team as a whole. Often team leaders view their position as being one of power or pride however this more often than not creates a split within a team.

Identifying leadership skills within a team building environment allows each team member to step up to the plate with regards to various tasks. In the office environment, not everyone has the opportunity to be included in different roles as their job title may not support it. It may come as a surprise to many companies as to who shows leadership skills during team building exercises.


There are various aspects to consider when attempting to identify team leadership in individuals.

  • Commitment to the task
  • Commitment to fellow team members
  • Direct a team
  • Supportive of team members
  • Enthusiasm towards task and team
  • Supportive
  • Willingness to assist others
  • Take responsibility
  • Ability to unite team
  • Integrity

Each company has different needs, which then extends itself to needing leadership skills that work best for those specific requirements. Team building is a common way to improve various aspects within a company. These aspects are important as they are the foundation of any successful team.

  • Communication skills
  • Developing trust
  • Breaking barriers (of various kinds)
  • Improving team morale
  • Setting goals
  • Working towards a unified outcome

Although these team building skills play a vital role in team dynamics, without leadership skills, there is no driving force behind these aspects or the team as a whole.

Give others the opportunity to shine

Often a team has a clear leader but through participating in team building events, individuals show sides of themselves that were not noticed before (perhaps because they were not given the opportunity.)

However leadership skills are identified, it is important for companies to use team leaders to improve production and overall team dynamics.

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