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Improving communication between management and staff

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 24 June 2011 10h00 | Article Release


When do you need team building? The answer to that question is, always. At any point, every individual and team within a company will benefit from team building activities. There are however times when team work is not as it should be and it’s at times like these when companies will benefit the most from team building.

When team work is taking strain, it is important for a company to assist their staff in making the most out of their team dynamics. Signs of an unstable team are many and business will have their own unique issues that may be affecting team work. Some obvious and more common signs to look out for are generally conflict related. Conflict has the potential to affect team work in various ways but as a source of team disruption, conflict can be broken down into three areas.

Communication factors

  • Poor listening skills
  • Different interpretations of information
  • Lack of sharing information
  • Ignoring/ missed non- verbal communication

Structural factors

  • Company size (affecting communication etc)
  • Turn- over
  • Participation
  • Rewards/ no rewards

Personal factors

  • Self esteem
  • Personal goals, values and needs

When issues arise in either of these above factors, team work is often affected. As businesses continue to restructure teams, there will be an increasing need for conflict resolution. Team work and the dynamics within the team are constantly changing. When new individuals are introduced into an existing team, often conflict arises. This conflict could stem from a variety of factors; attitude, power or even values. Resolving dispute as quickly as possible is important in overcoming team work stress. Being open about conflict is often a suitable way of overcoming small issues. However when it comes to larger more serious issues within a team, example, language barriers, cultural barriers, hierarchal barriers etc, team building is the ideal solution. Read more here.

Team building offers teams and companies the opportunity to bring all differences together and resolve them in a structured manner. Team building provides a platform upon which all members can work together towards finding the best possible outcome.

Team building activities can be designed with specific goals in mind so that teams can use the activity to overcome a certain issue. It is for this reason that using a professional team building company to assist with the arranging of team building activities is so important.

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