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Teambuilding improves workplace communication

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 05 April 2012 08h30 | Article Release


Teambuilding improves workplace communication

Marriages thrive and are successful when there’s healthy and effective communication between the couple. In the same way a company is successful and grows when there’s clear and effective communication in the workplace. However, communication barriers can cause conflict, confusion and certainly do not assist production.

Workplace communication barriers can cripple not only relationships between staff, but also handicap a business. In order for employees to reach goals and targets and enjoy the work they do, communication in the workplace needs to be a priority when it comes to improving workmanship.

What causes communication barriers in the workplace?

  • Cultural difference
  • Gender difference
  • Language barriers
  • 3 “C’s”- Clarity, Completion, Conciseness of the message
  • Encoding and decoding of the message
  • Organizational structure- Hierarchical levels
  • Messages through the grapevine
  • Poor listening
  • Emotions cause communication failure
  • Careless planning of communication
  • Medium used may be ineffective

Teambuilding at Keltram is designed to improve workplace communication. Teambuilding offers various activities including physical and activities intended to promote workplace communication, especially between the various levels of an organisation’s hierarchy. Some of these teambuilding activities include:

Team building has become a popular way for companies to improve relationships as well as communication in the workplace. Games and teambuilding activities are a great way for colleagues to let their hair down in a more social environment whilst solving problems in teams. Team building allows all employees to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Besides assisting companies and their valuable team members, team building provides entertainment for all staff on a social level. Employees are empowered through taking part in realistic experiences; as well as improving working relationships and overcoming communication hinderances in the workplace.

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