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Unifying Team Building Activities through Keltram Group Part 2

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 9 February 2010 17h30 | Article Release


As per our previous post, we took a look at some of the fun-filled team building activities that the Keltram Group has to offer your business. We know first hand how team building can bring a company together to reach common goals and this is exactly the reason why we have put together packages that cater for everyone. 

Contact Keltram Group about enquiring or booking your team building activities on 082 440 5575, or send us an email at You can also make use of our online enquiry form located here.

Here are some other exciting team building activities on offer through Keltram Group:

Raft Building
Put your team building skills to the test. Find out if you and your team mates will be able to build a sailable raft. Raft building is an ideal summer team building activity and please note, you may get wet, depending on the quality of your raft.

Battle of the bands
Why pay for a D.J., entertainer or live performer when you can do it yourself! This team building activity is incredibly entertaining and gets everyone involved. Costumes and instruments are supplied and a private venue is a must for this activity.

Drumming and Fire Show
Enjoy our interactive drumming team building activity, be it as a day or an evening event. A minimum of 5 delegates is required for this event and can be done at any venue, as long as the noise is not disturbing for other guests.

To find out more on a specific team building activity, please contact Keltram Group on 082 440 5575, or make use of our online enquiry system located here.

Adventure Olympics
This is a very competitive team building activity and teamwork is of course, a key element. There is no time to waste, as groups compete against each other and against the clock. This event can accommodate up to 150 people at the same time .

Sunshine Events
If your company likes to take on the challenges of outdoor activities, this activity is ideal and is perfect for groups of 10 and more. With this team building activity, teams compete on giant inflatables, water slides and shooting activities. A huge variety of activities within this event will guarantee non-stop entertainment. This event is ideal for any age group and can be combined with the quad bike activity on request. 

Chef’s Challenge
In this different yet fun activity, delegates will be judged on various elements such as taste, presentation and originality. This team building activity is venue specific and would be recommended as an evening activity. Time management is also essential for this activity.

Survivor Challenge
Remember your Boy Scout days? In this team building activity, make sure that at least one of your team members is familiar with a compass. This is a combination of physical and non physical activities. Careful planning will help in the overall success of your team’s performance. 

For more information on any pricing or more details on any of these team building events, contact Keltram Group on 082 440 5575 or email us at


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