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Unifying Team Building Activities through Keltram Group

Author: Keltram Group | Date Published: 25 January 2010 16h00 | Article Release


Getting your team to develop their true potential and to work at optimal levels is not as difficult as you thought. Team building activities can help break previous barriers of non-communication, develop trust, decrease organisational politics, identify individual growth opportunities and bring about greater commitment to tasks at hand.

Team building is a vital stepping stone for any business, and by making use of the facilities at Keltram, unifying your team and reaching a common goal is possible. Contact Keltram Group about enquiring or booking your team building activities on 082 440 5575, or send us an email at You can also make use of our online enquiry form located here.

Here are some of the exciting team building activities on offer through Keltram Group:

Cocktail Challenge
Cocktail challenge is suitable for groups between 3 – 50 delegates. Each team needs to create their own cocktail and will be judged on various elements such as presentation, taste, creativity and originality. You do not get points for the alcohol percentage, so you are welcome to make non-alcoholic cocktails as well. Depending on the size of your group, this team building activity will take approximately one hour. We offer this amazing team building activity at any venue of your choice, so long as their is a bar present.

Movie Making
If you have always wanted to be an actor, writer or editor, this team building activity is for you. Each group needs to plan, write and perform their own movie. A specific topic will be given, plan carefully and choose your actors wisely. You would need up to 4 hours for this event to make sure that you produce a memorable movie. An edited copy will be delivered to your office and as an optional extra, end off your day with an "Oscar" evening. Dress up and receive your "Oscar" in style, be it for the best actor, actress or movie.

Indigenous Games
Cultural diversity is all around us and part of South Africa. Learn more about your colleague’s culture, how they grew up and what they do in their free time. See who is the best at a variety of games such as Boeresport, Township sports and English colonial sport. This is suitable for all size groups. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes, a hat and sunscreen as this takes place outdoors

To find out more on a specific team building activity, please contact Keltram Group on 082 440 5575, or make use of our online enquiry system located here.

Puzzle Challenge
This team building activity requires planning and strategising as you have limited time. Communication is very important to complete the tasks successfully. This is ideal for all age groups and fitness levels and is best suited for the outdoors, however should the weather not be in your favour, we will be able to make small alterations in order for you to enjoy a fun filled day indoors.

Art Workshop
Have you thought about making a masterpiece to capture your memories of a special place? Then the art workshop team building activity is specifically designed for you. Take your team outside their comfort zone and let their creative juices flow. Our Art Workshop event is about working together as a team, working creatively to get that important message locked in. This event is a true winner, with delegates always amazed at what they have accomplished.

Boardroom Mini Olympics 
This is ideal for rainy days. Small to medium sized groups will be entertained for hours. Boardroom mini Olympics can be done at any venue as it only requires some tables and chairs. This activity is not strenuous at all and consists of interactive mind games that require communication, strategizing and planning. Depending on the number of people, Boardroom Mini Olympics can even be conducted at your office. 

Paintball War Games
The group will be divided into teams and different scenarios will be created. Keep in mind that you compete as a team and the team is only as strong as its weakest team member. This team building activity is not just about shooting each other, strategizing and teamwork are two key elements. 

Quad Biking
Quad trails can be done in groups of 12 people. If you’re new to riding a quad bike, lessons will be giving and you'll be riding like a professional in over 5 minutes. Our well trained guides will be with you all the way to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. 

Keltram group offers more fun and exciting team building activities that will keep your organisation feeling unified and motivated! Contact Keltram Group on 082 440 5575 or send an email to for more information.


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