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Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics in the Workplace

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A new team member means new team dynamics. Team dynamics can strongly influence the relationships within a team and how individuals react and perform.

How to recognise team dynamics:

  • Personality styles

  • Team roles

  • Office layout

  • Business culture

  • Processes/ procedures

  • Tools and technology

When a new employee comes into an existing team, it could either improve team dynamics or severely impact them. This will depend on the above variants. In any situation, when a new employee has joined a company, it is important to make sure team dynamics are established early on. Should the arrival of a new staff member disrupt a team, issues need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

With productivity being the most important part of any business, positive team dynamics should always be a priority

How do I create positive team dynamics?

  • Have regular meetings with staff (both individually and collectively)

  • Encourage team meetings

  • Regular strategised team building

  • Set goals together (short and long term)

Team dynamics have the potential to either make or break a team. If your business and profitability rely on team work them maintaining these teams throughout the year, should be a priority for your company. 

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