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Indigenous Games


Designed to stimulate conversation around the complex issues of cultural diversity, this challenge provides great enjoyment for all team members. The process involves a series of fun filled traditional, African, Boere and Colonial games. Some of the games played are Kgati, Dibeke, and Morabaraba, 3 legged race, Jukskei and Egg toss. Teams need to work together and give each other instructions on the rules of the games and how they will score points in the process. During the 3 hour activity a visual transformation of attitude becomes clear to see amongst team members. Cultural understanding begins to assist all people in the group to work together and deal with the game at hand, its origins and why it was traditionally played. Groups between the sizes of 5 and 400 are divided into teams and compete against each other on a rotational basis. These games are suitable for all ages and bring a sense of cultural education and understanding amongst different team members.


Outcome of these activities:

  • Teamwork
  • Team dynamics and Morale
  • Communication
  • Cohesiveness
  • Positive attitude
  • Creative Thinking
  • Cultural Acceptance and understanding


Time Allocation: Group Size: Physical Strain: Time of day: Venue Specific:
1 hr to 3 hrs 6 or more Low Day or Night No


Indigenous Games  Indigenous Games  Indigenous Games  Indigenous Games Indigenous Games


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