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Team Building Drumming


This day or evening activity is an interactive way for a group of between 5 and 600 people to bond and find some rhythm from within. The more that join in, the more fun, laughter and drumming there will be. team building drumming is suitable for any venue, taking into consideration the noise level. This 1 hour event can be enjoyed around the fire show in the evenings, adding another dimension to the activity. All age groups are welcome as this interactive event is not at all strenuous. Participants will work together as a group and combine ideas and of course rhythm.

Enjoy team building drumming as a day or evening event with a minimum of 5 delegates, however, the bigger the group the more fun there will be! This event is suitable for any venue, as long as the noise does not disturb any other guests.

For evening entertainment we highly recommend adding the fire show! This is real value for money. Please do not try this at home!


Outcome of these activities:

  • Teamwork
  • Team dynamics and Morale
  • Communication
  • Cohesiveness
  • Positive attitude
  • Creative Thinking


Time Allocation: Group Size: Physical Strain: Time of day: Venue Specific:
1 hr 6 or more Low Day or Night No



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