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Quad Biking


Quad Biking brings out the fun in anyone. For the duration of 1 hour, a group with the maximum size of 14 people will experience the thrills of riding on a quad bike. A 5 minute crash course is given beforehand for those who have never ridden one of these adventurous bikes. The venue is specific as not all areas or places allow quads. This new experience for many is a perfect end to the Sunshine Events. Bringing about a new side in you, this fun filled activity is an adventure, learning curve and hour of complete fun and laughter for all team members.

Three of the particular challenges that we have are; Blindfold obstacle course – (in this challenge a “racing circuit” is mapped out on the ground and teams will have to assign drivers to navigate their way through the circuit on a quad bike), Quad Mine Field – (each team member has an opportunity to navigate their way through a “mine field”, with a little help from their friends) and Crossing Over – ( teams are provided with specific pieces of equipment needed to build a bridge across a demarcated “ravine”).


Outcome of these activities:

  • Teamwork
  • Team dynamics and Morale
  • Planning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cohesiveness
  • Positive attitude
  • Communication


Time Allocation: Group Size: Physical Strain: Time of day: Venue Specific:
1 hr 6 or more Low Daytime Yes


Quad Biking  Quad Biking  Quad Biking Quad Biking Quad Biking


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