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The importance of communication in the workplace

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There is one thing that successful companies, making money, have in common; their employees are dedicated to the company and their teams. Clear communication in the workplace is one of the most important aspects in making a company work. Communication barriers can cause conflict, confusion and certainly do not assist production.

A company’s most important and valuable asset is its people. Employees keep a business alive and move a company forward. It is for this reason that developing and maintaining relationships between staff is essential. The workplace is where many people spend the majority of their time during the day.

Communication barriers can cripple not only relationships between staff, but also handicap a business. In order for employees to reach goals and targets and enjoy the work they do, communication in the workplace needs to be a priority when it comes to improving workmanship. What causes communication barriers?

There are various reasons why there may be communication barriers in the workplace. Many companies may find that there are a number of reasons why staff finds it difficult to communicate effectively in the workplace.

  • Cultural difference.
  • Gender difference.
  • Language barriers.
  • 3 “C’s”- Clarity, Completion, Conciseness of the message.
  • Encoding and decoding of the message.
  • Organizational structure- Hierarchical levels.
  • Messages through the grapevine.
  • Poor listening.
  • Emotions cause communication failure.
  • Careless planning of communication.
  • Medium used may be ineffective.

How to overcome communication barriers in the workplace No matter the size of a company, Team building provides a variety of benefits to all staff members. Developing work teams that are able to share ideas and develop them can be difficult. It is however important that communication in the workplace leads to a successful outcome.

Building solid relationships is therefore important to ensure that there is a friendly energy between colleges. The relationship between staff members does not only affect work and internal strategies, but it also gives customers an idea of the kind of company they are dealing with. In smaller scale companies, often employees are required to fulfill more than task. In this situation is vital to ensure that teams and the building of them are given attention.

Communication barriers in small teams can easily result in failure to complete tasks and meet important deadlines. Larger sized companies may assign individuals to one specific post. This often means that they do not need to work in teams as often, however relationships and communication is probably the most important part of the business as to keep each level of the company working smoothly and in- sync with one another.

Team building has become a popular way for companies to improve relationships as well as communication in the workplace. Games and activities are a great way for colleges to let their hair down in a more social environment whilst solving problems in teams. Groups have the chance to set goals and strategize together in order to meet the required needs of the activity. It is essential that all team members listen, give suggestions and work together as one to achieve the goal set out to them. Equipping individuals with teamwork skills will assist with their own communication methods.

If individuals at a company are able to improve their own communication and listening skills, team work and general communication in the workplace will improve. Specially designed team building programs provide all participants with the right skills and knowledge to be able to fulfill tasks. Exercising these skills in the workplace will ensure that staff is able to enjoy their job role and not struggle with daily communication barriers. Training a team as a whole instead training people individually will improve cohesion as a unit and will also ensure that each person in the group has received the same training.

One of the greatest benefits of working as a team is the diversity of different talents, skills and personalities. When there is a balance and each different quality provides positive aspects to a team, members are able to work well together, taking advantage of one another’s strengths. Team building assists individuals to acknowledge what certain weaknesses and strengths are in certain team members.

Besides assisting companies and their valuable team members, team building provides entertainment for all staff on a social level. Employees are empowered through taking part in realistic experiences. As well as improving working relationships and overcoming communication barriers, team building allows all employees to get to know each other on a more personal level.